Welcome to our 2023 Hana Holiday Craft Show! We would like to welcome and thank you for supporting our wonderful artists and small business owners. 

Our craft show began in 2018 when we put our dream into action by planning a little craft fair to sell our goods and give our crafter friends who we've met throughout the years a place to sell their stuff too. That first spring show had about 250 shoppers in a small space, and we grew to over 1,100 shoppers at our December 2019 show! During 2020-2021 we ran virtual shows online due to the pandemic, and returned in 2022 for our in-person show just a strong as before. 

We named our show "Hana" because the name has several meanings that held significance for us, the coordinators. In Japanese, Hana means "flower" which reminds us of the beauty in the items that our artists and crafters make. In Hawaiian it means "craft" or "work" which is fitting as our vendors work hard at their craft. Lastly, Hana means "the grace of God" in Hebrew. We have experienced the wonderful grace of God in our lives and this craft show. 

~ Scott, Melissa, and Keri